Christina Vogiatzis is a 27 y/o artist based in Ontario, Canada. Her entry into the world of professional art began at the age of 16 when she connected with her first art gallery and began selling and exhibiting her paintings throughout Southern Ontario.
“I paint like I dream: bold, vibrant, lustrous… lifelike in a cloud of whimsy. My paintings straddle the boundary between the formed and the formless, combining tight brushstrokes and instinctive mark-making into one cohesive composition. My process entails a constructive layering of mixed-media elements arranged to form a rich symphony of pigment and depth that embraces the viewer, enticing them to approach and engage with the painting’s subject.”
Christina’s artwork has received high acclamation on both a local and international level. She has participated in curated art shows and group exhibitions across Canada, the United States, and London, England. She is the recipient of prestigious awards for artistic excellence from organizations including the Academy of Modern Art (AOMA) in Vancouver and the Portrait Society of Canada, and was shortlisted in the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery’s ‘2022 En Plein Air Competition’ in Vaughan, Ontario.
In 2015, Christina began a 7-year journey studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Upon graduating with both her bachelor’s (BAS) and master’s (MArch) degrees, she returned to her first love of art, finding her passion renewed and refreshed. A self-taught artist, Christina attributes her artistic success to passionate dedication and perseverance developed through an ever-evolving process of trial, error, and free experimentation. She fervently strives to challenge herself in her work and to expand her artistic style, ethos, and voice.
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