Sunda Tiger
Digital Painting
(Canvas Print)

We share the earth with other creatures. They occupy every corner of the planet – the sky, the sea, the forests and fields. A peaceful and thriving world implores not only coexistence with such creatures, but ongoing compassion, responsibility, and protection of earth’s wildlife. I created this digital painting series, "Wild," in an effort to shed light on the beautiful species who are most at risk of being lost forever: the threatened, vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered animals of this planet. I hope that the blazing colours and bold paint strokes inspire a sense of dynamic urgency, stirring indifferent onlookers to passionate action.

*A percentage of proceeds on all sales from this series will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund for Endangered Species Conservation.

Digital painting: Procreate, iPad, Apple Pencil. Printed and framed on stretched canvas.
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